A10201 Le Miroir d’Eau Rounds Engagement Ring
$1,090.00 $1,200.00

Let your Diamonds shine brilliantly in “Le Miroir d’Eau” three-stone engagement ring.  The slim silhouette and polished finish of this classic masterpiece exemplifies its timeless beauty. 

Please note that each Kohlenoire Masterpiece is handmade.

Though, Masterpiece weight, carat weight or exact number of stones may differ from one Masterpiece to another. Final price may vary slightly depending on the materials and size.

Available in multiple options.

Price is given for 5.0 mm round center stone (c. 0.45 ctw) in 14K White Gold.

Please, do not hesitate to contact Kohlenoire Diamond Concierge on further information & price options.

Size Range 

from - 41 EU | 1.75 US/UK | 13.75 mm

to - 72 EU | 13.75 US/UK | 23.00 mm